What is Commissioning Continu?

When we start to focus on the topic of energy optimization, we need to quickly distinguish between the different ways of doing things: Commissioning (CX), Recommissioning (RCX) and Continuous Commissioning (CXC).

How to distinguish them? Here, in summary, is what we learn from the article “Demystify continuous commissionning” of Énergénia.

Commissioning (CX)

This process applies to new buildings to ensure its quality from conception to occupancy and operation. This process verifies that everything is working as intended, and then that the maintenance team is able to operate and maintain the installed equipment and systems.

Recommissioning (RCX)

This process applies to existing buildings where an energy expert reviews the performance of systems and equipment, and then outputs a report of energy efficiency measures to be implemented over a very short period of time in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Commissioning Continue (CXC)

This process ensures the continuous maintenance and improvement of the performance of electromechanical systems thanks to an anomaly detection system. They are therefore based on sustainable actions in order to maintain the long-term performance of buildings.

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