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Mobilize your building’s stakeholders

Are your occupants aware of your intention to reduce the energy consumption of your buildings?

Wanting to achieve a goal, without seeking support of stakeholders, is like wanting to solve climate change by yourself. In other words, it is simply impossible. Therefore, the achievement of significant energy savings is conditional upon the mobilization of your occupants and your technical team.

How to mobilize them? We precisely created a simple infographic on the thopic!

Expert in energy efficiency and machine learning wanted!


  • Participates in the development and integration of DDF and AI algorithms into the Dybee platform.
  • Participates in various R&D projects and the integration of various AI modules.
  • Participates in the development and production of didactic and technical material related to the DYBEE solution.
  • Participates in the development of a Python structure to interconnect and analyze the data of the Dybee platform.
  • Can participate in all stages of energy optimization projects.
  • Can participate in the various stages of business development, among other things, make presentations of the DYBEE solution to potential partners or customers.
  • Can participate and carry out training for users.
  • May be called upon to write blog posts related to the field of AI-assisted optimization.
  • Perform all other duties related to the position and/or as required by management.


  • Remote work.
  • The Employee may have to, as part of his/her duties and responsibilities, to work in different geographical locations other than the place of work designated above.


  • 35 hours per week, 7 hours per day, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.
  • The work schedule may vary or be modified depending on the nature and extent of the Employee’s duties and responsibilities, as well as on the needs arising from the Employer’s operations.
We are hiring!

Programmer Analyst / Web Developer

The Web Developer works in collaboration with the engineering and innovations team to, the continuous development of the DYBEE application by integrating new functionalities and analytical tools in addition to working on the continuous development of the artificial intelligence of the application. He must be creative, proactive and provide solutions, in order to optimize his work and ensure delivery within the set deadlines. We are looking for a dedicated, resourceful, meticulous person who quickly appropriates the content of new technologies.


  • Master global development technologies (front-end and back-end);
  • Organize one’s work according to established priorities;
  • Present a pragmatic approach to iterative (Agile) delivery;
  • Deliver quality work in the rules of the art;
  • Solve problems of an algorithmic nature;
  • Have excellent learning and analytical skills;
  • Fluency in French and English, spoken and written;
  • Identify potential issues and problems;
  • Produce structured, readable and easily maintainable code;
  • Participate in the creation of the design and ergonomics of the applications;
  • Attention to detail and a good sense of aesthetics;
  • Actively participate in the deployment and maintenance of an organizational culture based on people and respect.


  • Minimum DEC programmer analyst or web development;
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Mastery of C object-oriented programming #
  • Mastery of HTML5 & CSS3;
  • Mastery in JavaScript and dynamisation (Ajax);
  • Mastery of a JavaScript / JQuery framework;
  • Experience with the MVC model;
  • Experience with SQL


  • Good communication skills
  • Autonomy, versatility and proactivity
  • Great ability to work in a team.

What is Commissioning Continu?

When we start to focus on the topic of energy optimization, we need to quickly distinguish between the different ways of doing things: Commissioning (CX), Recommissioning (RCX) and Continuous Commissioning (CXC).

How to distinguish them? Here, in summary, is what we learn from the article “Demystify continuous commissionning” of Énergénia.

Commissioning (CX)

This process applies to new buildings to ensure its quality from conception to occupancy and operation. This process verifies that everything is working as intended, and then that the maintenance team is able to operate and maintain the installed equipment and systems.

Recommissioning (RCX)

This process applies to existing buildings where an energy expert reviews the performance of systems and equipment, and then outputs a report of energy efficiency measures to be implemented over a very short period of time in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Commissioning Continue (CXC)

This process ensures the continuous maintenance and improvement of the performance of electromechanical systems thanks to an anomaly detection system. They are therefore based on sustainable actions in order to maintain the long-term performance of buildings.

Want to know more about continuous commissioning? Read the Énergia article!